The Dutro's

Rodney, Kina, Genesis, Trinity, Zion and Eden

Rodney and Kina Dutro are the founders of Shepherd's Heart Ministries. They have over 20 years of serving God together in ministry and missions.


In 2002, Rodney and Kina moved to Mexico to serve God as full-time missionaries. Living among the people in a small “pueblo,” they began to learn the language and culture of rural Mexico. They spent 6 years learning the language, working with another children's home (to learn the ropes) and helped establish the first Christian church in their town before pioneering Hope House in 2008. 

Fine Art Turnings

Heirlooms from exotic hardwoods and custom acrylics

Since 2014, Rodney has been hand-crafting custom ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens from exotic hardwoods to supplement his family's missionary support.

You can find his gallery of pens here.

The Dutro girls in the photo above are (L to R): Trinity, Zion, Genesis, Eden and Kina.

Pictured in the photo at the left are (L to R): Kina and Rodney.

Rodney spent a great deal of time on staff development, grant writing, and graphic design. Paperwork, emails and meetings occupied his days. He served the President and Legal Representative of Hope House for many years. In 2014, Rodney began hand-crafting custom ink pens to help supplement his family's missionary support.

Kina acted as president of Shepherd's Heart for years and helped begin the Sponsor-A-Child Program and hosted all of our outreach teams. In 2015 she became the Music Director at Lake Chapala Baptist Church, an English speaking ex-patriot church located in the heart of Mexico.

In 2018, Kina and Rodney left Mexico, hoping to continue running Shepherd's Heart from the states. In early 2019, Kina and Rodney decided to pass on the ministry of Shepherd's Heart to fellow missionaries, Everardo and Karlee Camacho. 

Kina and Rodney continue to mentor and encourage the Camacho family and will always have a special place at both Hope House and Shepherd's Heart Ministries.