Raul and Anabel Frutos


Raul and Anable Frutos have been serving in Mexico for 20 years. They came to Mexico to help with a local church founded by Rauls father.  

During their years in Mexico, they became friends with SHMI founders, Kina and Rodney.  Their hearts for the Lord and the lost children in Mexico created a unique bond.  


Raul and Anabel have continued to pastor Church of the Holy Spirit in Chapala Mexico.  They dedicate their lives to serving God and loving his people. 

Anabel is also the founder of a local girls home in Chapala, "Love in Action." Similar to Hope House, it is a place of refuge for abused and abanded girls. 


Raul not only pastors, but also heads up the "alabanza" ministry.  He is a very talented musician who loves to use his gifts for the Lord.  The church is blessed by his praise songs written by him almost every Sunday, 

The Frutos have traveled with us to Honduras, ministering to the Garifuna people.  They have a passion for the work of God there and look forward to traveling there again soon. 

They have been happily married for 30 years and have wonderful children.   Two live in Mexico with their spouses working in ministry as well.

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Frutos Family