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"God will Provide" Feeding Program

In 2012, SHMI missionaries traveled, (for the first time) to Honduras to the impoverished Garifuna Village of San Juan. While there we became friends with a wonderful group of christians struggling to feed the many orphaned and poor children of their community.


For less than the price of a super size soda, you can help feed a hungry child!

The God Will Provide Feeding Program was founded in 2003 and feeds 60 children, two hot meals, five days a week. In 2015 a second feeding program was opened in the neighboring village of New San Juan which feeds 30 children, one meal weekly.  Through your dedicated commitment we hope to feed even more hungry children! 

The "God Will Provide" Feeding Program was begun by a native Garifuna woman who traveled to the U.S. but could never forget her heritage and the extreme poverty she remembered from her childhood. Determined to help her village in a practical way, she founded the feeding program.

Shepherd's Heart is committed to sending 100% of all donations directly to the "God Will Provide" Feeding Program in Honduras to help provide warm, nutritous meals and to providing you with a U.S. tax-deductible receipt for your contribution. If you are unable to fulfill your sponsorship commitment please notify us in writing.

Sponsorship is a Piece of Cake!

Decide if your tax-deductible donation will be a check made out to Shepherd’s Heart Ministries, Inc. with “God Will Provide” on the memo line mailed to:

Shepherd’s Heart Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 226

Wilmington, OH 45177

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Feeding Program

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