We offer community service and mission outreach opportunities for groups, families and individuals year round in Mexico and Honduras.


Upcoming Teams


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The Way Ministries
Jan 25 - Feb. 1
TKA Seniors
July 18-27
Creekside Bible Church
The King's

The main purpose of these outreaches is to assist with the current ministries of Shepherd’s Heart. In addition to hosting work and construction teams and evangelistic groups, we endeavor to create an atmosphere where families and individuals can discover they have something to give to God. If you would like to come serve contact us for more information, cost and available dates.

Extended Stay Internships are also available.

Teams serving with us, generally will be involved in discipleship and various work projects improving local churches or children's homes with whom we serve. Groups typically stay a total of 8 days and 7 nights, both arriving and departing on a Saturday. All team members are required to sign a Liability Release Form prior to arriving on the mission field. A list of current projects with cost estimates can be provided upon request.

Interns can live in Mexico, assist with the ministries of Shepherd's Heart, learn or improve their Spanish, experience Mexico's rich culture, study applicable material and, in most cases, receive university credit hours. Moreover, during an internship you can gain valuable life experience on the mission field. This is a dynamic, practical way to determine if God is calling you to serve as a full-time missionary. Email us for more information.

2019 Outreach Teams


April 13-20, The King's Academy, CA, USA

June 1-8, Honduras SHMI Team



Jan. 27-Feb. 3, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

Mar. 24-31, The King's Academy, CA, USA

June 23-30, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

July 18-27, TKA Seniors, CA, USA

July 22-28, Grace Bible Fellowship, CA, USA


Jan. 30-Feb. 2, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

April 8-15, The King's Academy, CA, USA

June 26-29, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

July 1-9, SC Hope, SC, USA

July 16-22, Grace Bible Fellowship, CA, USA



Jan. 23-26, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

June 18-25, Calvary Church, TN, USA

June 28-July 1, The Way Ministries, KY, USA

July 24-30, Grace Bible Fellowship, CA, USA

Oct. 22-29, Faith Family Church, OH, USA