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For years our Garifuna friends did not have a complete Bible in their language. On March 5th, Garifuna Christians in Honduras and around the world celebrate Bible Day, the day the Bible was translated into Garifuna. For thirty-three years they have had the New Testament in their language, but the entire bible has only been translated for the last twelve years.


I can’t imagine not having a bible in English!

Cost: $1550 USD

Included in this project: New Computer, Website design & hosting, Internet installation and annual Internet expense.

The photo above shows Pastor Cruz interrupting the broadcast to greet listeners, wish them a blessed day and to announce to the community that we have arrived! Desiring to continue reaching Garifunas for Christ, La Iglesia Baptista in San Juan, Honduras began a simple radio station. It began broadcasting in February of 2014 and is located in a makeshift closet at the church. This radio station reaches the surrounding communities with the Gospel, Christian music and practical biblical training in the Garifinua language. It is our hope to help extend their message through the addition of an Internet radio station. The Internet radio station would transmit the gospel message to Garifuna people living worldwide.

Shepherd's Heart is committed to sending 100% of all donations to the church in Honduras so that the dream of a Garifuna Internet Radio Station may be realized and to providing you with a U.S. tax-deductible receipt for your contribution. If you are unable to fulfill your sponsorship commitment please notify us in writing.

Binilabu Bungiu (Garifuna for "God Bless You")

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Internet Radio

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