Change a life with TWO U.S. DOLLARS a DAY

Launched in 2008, Hope House is an all boy's home located in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Jalisco, Mexico (near Guadalajara). It is dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus to boys who have suffered neglect, abandonment and abuse.

For less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee you can help bring hope to boys who have none.


With your unique sponsorship commitment, combined with the sponsorship of others, you will be able to help provide the highest level of care for all the boys who call Hope House home.

Please note that Hope House is very transitional. Although Hope House is a private institution in Mexico, the government retains the custody of each boy and the right to move him from Hope House without notice. If this happens we will notify you and select a new boy for you. 

Shepherd's Heart is committed to sending 100% of all donations directly to Hope House to help provide a loving home for the boys living there and to providing you with a U.S. tax-deductible receipt for your contribution. If you are unable to fulfill your sponsorship commitment please notify us in writing.

First Step: Email Us


Sponsorship is Simple!

Send us an email letting us know you want to be a sponsor. Once we receive your information we can begin selecting one of the Hope House boys for you to begin supporting.

Thank you for joining us in bringing hope to those who have none.

Next Step: Choose your amount

Decide if your tax-deductible donation will be a check made out to Shepherd’s Heart Ministries, Inc. with “Sponsor-A-Child” on the memo line mailed to:

Shepherd’s Heart Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 226

Wilmington, OH 45177

OR click on one of the links to the right to make a recurring or one-time donation through PayPal. You will be asked to create a PayPal login to complete your transaction. All your personal data will be stored by PayPal and can be accessed only by you. Using your PayPal login you can review your donations, monitor recurring donations and suspend donations. PayPal charges a transaction fee for this service, as such your full donation will not be received by us.


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