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It has been a summer full of excitement here at the Hope House! We’ve had visits from Kentucky, California and South Carolina! We’ve played games, gone swimming, learned new skills and celebrated many birthdays and accomplishments. We’ve had a great summer thanks to so many, and now it’s time to get back to school. This year, we have met our goal of having 30 boys! We have boys entering Kindergarten as well as boys preparing for High School and the school supply list is almost never ending. Can you imagine school supply shopping for 30? Luckily we didn’t have to do all the shopping. There are some amazing people here in Mexico who gave money and time to make sure the boys had all their supplies. There are a few boys at Hope House we want to recognize as they continue in their studies. These boys have shown tremendous efforts to succeed in school. They have become great examples at school and in Hope House. The first is, Luis Fransisco. A young man who is thirteen years old, just going into sixth grade with highest honors. Luis has been selected to be part of his school's color guard! Because of his exceptional grades and behavior in school this year he is part of this very special group of students. This honor includes carrying in the Mexican flag and "protecting it". The word for this honor is "escolta" which translates to bodyguard. Flag Day, a day for students to salute and honor the Mexican Flag, is celebrated every Monday during the school year. Two other boys are Ramon and José. They are two boys who completed Elementary School and are moving on to Jr. High this week! We are so excited for their accomplishments to get to this point! We know that they will have to continue to work hard for future success. The last three boys I'd like to mention are Jorge, Ulises and Ricardo. This year they graduated from Jr. High and have begun preparations to start High School. High School here in Mexico is three years and students must take a placement test before being accepted. For now, these boys will be studying and practicing to take that test. Overall, Hope House will have three boys in Kindergarten, eighteen in Elementary School, six in Jr. High and three preparing for High School. We have a lot of work cut out for us, but we are excited to get back to a routine and for the boys to continue their education. We have a tutor who helps the boys with their homework and a teacher who is also there to help reinforce their studies. We thank you for all your efforts and support in making sure Hope House and our boys are successful! God bless you!

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