Meet Jimmy

We’d like to present all of you to Jimmy who is one of the youngest boys at Hope House. He came to the Hope House in spring of 2016 when he was, what we believe to be, a year and half old. Here at Hope House, it is common for a boy to arrive without a birth certificate or any document for that matter. It is a long process that Hope House staff must complete, with help from the Mexican government, to register the child. This process includes choosing a name, birthdate, etc. We are still in the process of registering Jimmy.

When he arrived at the Hope House he was malnourished and very skinny, and he used orthopedic shoes for a problem in the arches of his feet. He had very little communicative skills, often pointing or grunting to communicate. But, he has shown a wonderful improvement in the year and half he’s been at Hope House. Helping develop Jimmy's fine motor skills is a must, so he is now going to physical therapy three days a week to help improve his mobility. He is learning to speak as well. He uses glasses due to a problem in one of his eyes, but he is adorable in his specs! Jimmy has been enjoying therapy for just a few weeks and we’ve seen great progress in this time he’s been attending.

He loves the attention and company of all the childcare workers and really any adult that visits Hope House. Jimmy loves to play in water, bath time is never a problem for this kid, it’s one of his favorite parts of the day. Jimmy is learning his colors and numbers and will be starting preschool soon! Like any preschooler, he enjoys coloring and playing with blocks and play-dough. He has become very good at working with his hands. Because he was so malnurished when Jimmy arrived, he had a hard time eating. He has been introduced to well-balanced and dilicious meals and now he loves to eat almost anything, except potatoes, and his favorite foods are bean tacos and scrambled eggs. We love Jimmy and the joy he brings to everyone around him! Because of your faithful support, he has a wonderful home where he can learn and grow surrounded by many who love him!

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