Feeding Program in Honduras

Feeding Program in Nuevo San Juan, Honduras

The children of San Juan and Nuevo San Juan continue to benefit from your help! In the Garifuna community of Honduras there is much poverty. Many children have been abandoned because of the financial burden of providing for them. Others, living with their families, struggle with the basics, like hygiene and nutrition. One local lady who grew up in these conditions decided to make a difference.

In the photo above, the feeding program in Nuevo San Juan is lacking many of the things that we would consider necessities. But we are so glad they didn't allow the lack of tables and chairs stop them from feeding the children!

Dosi Martínez approached her local church to begin a small feeding program. What started with a dream coupled by a faithful vision of helping to meet the needs of the children living in her community has grown into a reality. In 2012, when we met Dosi, she had reached the max of her ability to provide for the children. She invited us to partner with her. Since then, together we have been able to extend our reach into the neighboring community of Nuevo San Juan.

Today over 90 children are receiving hot meals every day! In San Juan 52 kids are eating both breakfast and lunch daily. In Nuevo San Juan 41 kids are receiving a hot breakfast daily.

Contact us if you would like to help provide hot meals for hungry children. Our website has a donation link where you can give a special offering or set up a recurring donation.

We appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to partner with us to help children in need. In the photo below, these children are receiving a hot meal and hearing about Jesus at the original feeding program in San Juan.

Feeding Program in San Juan, Honduras

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