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One of the most important goals of the Hope House and Sponsor A Child is providing the boys with an education. It is a very simple task when most think about it, but here in Mexico, it is a little more complicated. But we are dedicated to making sure each of the boys at Hope House is given the opportunity to learn and grow.

Each and every one of our boys who is old enough is in school. In Mexico, it is common for children to only complete their education at the Jr. High level. At Hope House, we look for opportunities for our boys to overcome that stereotype and achieve higher education.

This year, we have four students who are attending a technical school studying car mechanics. These boys are Carlos Ulises, Ricardo, Jorge and Gerardo. The program is eight months long, made up of a six hour class once a week. The school is dedicated to teaching basics in the field as well as preparing students for possible internship opportunities. Hope House is dedicated to not only giving our boys an education, but equipping them with life skills. This program is a way for the boys to develop a skill they could use to support themselves and eventually support a family.

These boys not only attend their weekly class, but are also working important jobs at the Hope House. Each boy is learning a secondary skill that could be used later on in life. Jorge is helping our kitchen staff with cleaning, washing dishes and even basic meal prep. Gerardo and Ricardo are both helping our maintenance supervisor with the basic upkeep of the home. Carlos Ulises is working hard in the laundry room at the Hope House. Each boy is in charge of certain tasks, teaching him responsibility and the benefits of hard work.

We are grateful for each of these boys who are working hard at Hope House as well as in their studies to succeed in life. Education is just a part of all the goals of Hope House to break the cycle of abuse and neglect for each and every boy at Hope House. God continues to provide us with opportunities to support and encourage our boys. We are grateful for all the support, financially and spiritually, in helping us make these opportunities a reality.

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