New Hope House Van

Loaded up in the van, ready for church!

Hope House needs another 15-passenger van!

It's not uncommon in Mexico to see an entire family of 4 on a single motor scooter. The kids are normally sandwiched between the parents and sometimes balanced on the footpetals in front of the dad as he drives the kids to school. With 33 boys and one van the Hope House boys are often stuffed into the van as they travel to school and church.

Hope House campus is located across the (only major) highway from all the schools in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos. While a few of our older boys can walk to school, the majority of them must be taken to school every morning and picked up every afternoon.

Due to the wide range of ages of the boys, the Hope House staff must coordinate this one van between 5 different schools throughout the morning and afternoon as our boys attend kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school - and a special needs school!

With over 30 boys living at Hope House, there's no doubt they need another van!

Please be part of the solution and help us purchase a new van for the boys who call Hope House home. Follow this link to make your tax-deductible online donation.

The Hope House van is full!

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