Short-term Missions or a Vacation?

Short-term Missions or a Vacation?

Some people think that taking a mission trip is just a clever way of disguising a vacation. Still others think short-term mission trips are a waste of time and money; that money would be better spent donating to an established ministry in-country. But we believe that taking mission trips is an important part of God's plan for expanding His Kingdom - something in which all christians should be involved.

Generally speaking, people who have taken part in short-term mission trips are less materialistic, have an appreciation of other cultures and better understand missions as a lifestyle. Those who participate in missions become more grateful for what they have and more caring about the needs of others - especially after returning home.

Through short term missions, individuals can build lasting relationships with christians from other countries and full-time missionaries who live on the field. It is life changing to experience first-hand how other cultures live and worship God.

As individuals are exposed to the differences which other cultures offer, their worldview is inevitable expanded. They can not help but to catch a glimpse of the vastness of God's Kingdom and the diversity which we will one day experience in heaven.

While you may not be able to stay long term on the field, you can make repeated trips over a period of time to build relations and support local ministries and churches. In that sense, short-term missions are "short-term" only in terms of the duration; when done correctly, they can provide effective and beneficial long-term encouragement and financial help to existing ministries.

As individuals and churches begin to partner with pastors and missionaries, they begin to put aside any desire to start "something new" and instead think of how they can assist the missionaries and pastors in their ongoing work to expand God's Kingdom. As they spend time with international believers, and investing themselves in missions, their commitment to missions is strengthened.

Mission Team at Hope House

Short-term mission outreaches are much, much more than a vacation! When approached and participated in correctly, short term missions is an excellent way to fulfill the Great Commission. Through short term missions you can share the love of Jesus Christ with others while positively impacting God's Kingdom in a tangible, lasting way. In this way, "short-term" can become long-term!

If you are interested in leading or participating in a short term mission trip please contact us for more details.


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