First Christmas

In the United States, a baby’s first Christmas is a pretty big deal. A special ornament is hung on the tree, maybe a fun photo shoot is taken of the parents and the little one. Presents like clothes and colorful and light-up toys are unwrapped on Christmas morning. Yet, the baby will most likely not remember any of this "First Christmas".

At Hope House this year, 13 boys from different ages will be experiencing their first Christmas this month. Some of these boys may have received a small present from a family member they visited, or a blanket and/or pajamas from their social care worker, but for most of them, they’ve never helped decorate a Christmas tree or received a gift from someone who cares about them.

Christmas in Mexico is an important Holiday like in most of the world. Hope House boys will begin decorating the house themselves (with help of the child-care workers) while the other staff plan the activities and, of course, the Christmas feast. Most of the festivities happen on Christmas Eve, where families stay up late around a bon-fire after dinner and music is played and marshmallows are roasted before the children go to bed.

This is one of the only times of year the local community does something special for the boys. At the beginning of November, we help our boys write short notes with a list of things they’d like for Christmas. Something many of them have never experienced before! These notes are given to many different people, and throughout the month of December the boys start to receive their Christmas presents. From soccer balls to new tennis shoes, the presents are used all year long at the Hope House.

Many people work together to make sure all 31 boys at the Hope House have a wonderful Christmas. The special thing about a first Christmas at Hope House, it is guaranteed to be remembered perfectly for years to come, all the love shown to them.

(Editor's note: Christmas is a very special time at Hope House. Because of your generosity, there is usually never a shortage of gifts for each boy and sufficient financial resources to provide a impressive Christmas feast - something no boy at Hope House has ever experienced. But most importantly, this time of year, without fail, each boy and staff member witnesses the outpouring of love and support from each of you. You allow them to experience the love of Jesus Christ in a personal, tangible way. You have helped make the celebration of the birth of our savior a very special event in their lives. We can't begin to thank you enough for your support and prayers.)


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