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Ismael and Johny

Above: Hope House Administrator, Ismael is a great dad! He loves the boys. Here he is feeding Johny. Johny was 10 months old when he came to live at Hope House.

Everyone wants to help orphans! This statement is an exaggeration, meant to grab your attention. Obviously NOT everyone wants to help orphans, but of those who want to help, their focus is most always on the children. They want to buy them a new toy or a pair of shoes or donate old clothes or rice and beans. And while ALL of these donations are appreciated, one of the child's basic necessities is over looked - the caregivers!

Mary from Hope House

Above: Mary has been a childcare worker at Hope House for over 4 years. She is like a mother to the boys.

It seems obvious, but children need people to care for them! Johny needs someone to change his diaper, prepare his bottle and rock him. Leo needs someone to wipe his nose and potty train him. Brandon needs a teacher to help him learn to read. Isaac needs a nurse to administer his medicine. Luis needs a counselor to help him cope with all he has been through. Pepe needs a dad to show him how to be a mature, loving man. Aaron needs a hug. Edwin needs a tutor. Noé needs encouragement. Ricardo needs a ride to soccer practice. Ulisis needs to learn how to cut the grass. Jorge wants to learn to cut hair. Marco got a stain on his school uniform. Fernando is hungry. Every boy at Hope House needs someone to meet their needs: food, clothing, shelter, counseling, education, medical attention, friendship, parenting and unconditional love.

Rafa from Hope House

Above: These boys love the attention they receive from Rafa, one of their caregivers. Notice Jimmy, in glasses, when he came to Hope House last year, he did not have any facial expressions. Look at that smile!

All of these needs are met by a great team of individuals who not only work at Hope House but have become part of the boys' family. Without their dedication, sacrifice and love Hope House would not exist. So the next time you want to give a gift to the boys, consider a financial donation to support their caregivers. Without them the boys could not survive!

Genesis from Hope House

Above: These little boys have captured Genesis' heart. She works in the Hope House office and helps out with the preschoolers.

(Editors note: Staff salaries comprise over 1/2 of the Hope House budget. With your help they are paid weekly and have money to take care of their own families. So in essence, when you donate toward staff salaries you not only help the Hope House boys but other children in need as well.)

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