My Least Favorite Word!

Toño (left) and Jimmy (right) proudly display their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Thank you for making their Christmas a special, blessed event.

The one word I never want to hear at Hope House!

Boys come to Hope House with varied backgrounds, some have lived on the streets scavenging for food, some have experienced physical abuse, some extreme poverty and hunger, but they usually have one thing in common, the feeling of relief!

They are relieved that they now have food to eat. They are relieved that they have a warm, dry place to sleep. They are relieved that they are safe and will no longer be abused. One boy, after living at Hope House for a short while, climbed up in his bed, stretched out with his hands behind his head and said with wonder, "What am I going to do... now that I am rich!"

Perspective plays such an important part in our attitudes! Compared to living on the street, scavenging trash cans for food, and protecting his siblings from his mom's abusive boyfriend, this little guy felt rich.

Unfortunately sometimes after being at Hope House for a while, the boys begin to forget what life was like before they arrived, they begin to miss their mother or father and sometimes believe the lies they hear uttered from the mouths of well intended individuals, saying, "Pobrecito!". Translated "poor little thing" or "poor little boy", the boys at one time or another begin to feel sorry for themselves and the fact that they have to live in an orphanage instead of with their family, like other kids their age.

It's then I'm reminded of the story of Joseph. (Genesis 37) Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Later he was falsely accused and thrown into jail. When it seemed that everyone had forgotten Joseph, God miraculously freed him from prison and appointed him viceroy of Egypt. Later Joseph was used greatly by God to save the people from a severe famine. The poor little boy who was forgotten by those who should have loved him most, was never forgotten by God!

A very blessed Christmas at Hope House.

The Hope House staff and boys praying in the New Year together.

Our boys have experienced some things in life that no child should have to experience, but today they are warm, dry, and well fed. They have medical attention and education and are surrounded by lots of people who love them. It is not a bad thing they live in an orphanage, it is amazingly wonderful that they have a place to call home and a group of people to call family.

So as you can guess, the one word that I never want to hear at Hope House is pobrecito! The truth is...our boys are "Bendicidos!"...which means "blessed"! I too, am blessed to have been a part of making Hope House a reality. Happy New Year!

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