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Leo at Hope House

Leo is one of the youngest children living at Hope House. He recently turned two years old. Because of your help he has formula and diapers!

One of the things that has always impressed me with the Latin culture is how highly they esteem family. Whether in Honduras or Mexico I always encounter families who depend on each other to help pay rent, doctor bills, education and put food on the table. Almost everyone has a hardworking relative who lives in the United States and sends money home to help meet these needs. Their desire and willingness to work together to provide for their family is very impressive.

Unfortunately, the boys living at Hope House in Mexico and the children who are eating hot meals at the God will Provide Feeding Program in Honduras do not have extended family to help them. This is where we can step in and fill the gap. Through Shepherd's Heart Ministries, we have the opportunity to become these children's extended family. We can help provide for their basic needs. Partnering with Shepherd's Heart allows you the opportunity to help give these children hope for a positive future. Check out our Project page to see how you can help.

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