Stereo Nazareth 91.0 FM

Stereo Nazareth 91.0 FM

Members of the local congregation in San Juan, Honduras take turns encouraging and discipling their listeners.

New Laptops
Programing the play list

If you have ever traveled to a country that doesn't speak English, you know how important it is to have a translator. It is nearly impossible to understand simple instructions, let alone complex concepts when they are being shared in a language you do not speak. When sharing the Gospel, comprehension is essential! That's why we are committed to helping Stereo Nazareth 91.0 FM in San Juan, Honduras extend their message of hope worldwide. With your help this small community radio station can share the Gospel message to those who speak Garifuna living throughout the world. Last year we were able to purchase 2 laptops to update the radio station. This year we would like to help install internet and a establish a website so that Garifuna speaking people living anywhere in the world can hear the message of Jesus Christ. Will you help us? With as little as $1000usd this project can become a reality. Follow this link to our project page to make an online donation.


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