A New Home for Dani and Isaac

Dani, Isaac and Ever

Dani (L) and Isaac (R) sit down with Ever, the wood shop supervisor at Hope House, before they leave.

Over the nine and a half years of its existence, Hope House has been home to more than 100 boys between the ages one and 18. Boys who experienced neglect, abuse or abandonment and who were longing for a place to call “home.” Some boys have been at Hope House for many years, and some only came for months, but in whatever time they spent with us, lives were changed. It is an experience unlike any other, when a new boy arrives and its unknown how long they’ll be with us. Every child comes through government social workers and organizations, and there is no telling if it will be a long term deal.

Isaac and Dani

Issac (L) and Dani (R) in their new home.

For brothers, Daniel and Isaac, who joined the Hope House family when they were just four and a half and six years old, we had a feeling they'd be with us for quite a while. They came together and were rarely separated; they slept together, they ate together, they learned together. Coming from a very poor background, the boys arrived in a very unhealthy state, but after just a few weeks, they were like any other kids. Both had a lot of energy; they loved to play cars, listen to music (and dance), and play games with the other boys. Neither of them had ever been in school before and learned very quickly they had a lot to improve in. Both boys struggle with ADHD and ADD; causing learning to be very difficult.

Both boys grew and grew; Daniel, now 8 and Isaac almost 10. We have loved these boys through all their hardships and their successes. As they grew, both boys began to struggle more in their behavior and required medication to help calm the symptoms. Isaac, found it very difficult to go to school and stay focused, and Daniel’s at home behavior began to worsen.

After a long search for the best solution, we decided to find them a new home that was better able to meet their needs. After we gave our hugs and said our good-byes, they began a new step in their journey together. We are very proud of their accomplishments over the years and are looking forward to see them grow and become successful young men with help from their new home.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, but we know that we’ve made a positive impact in their lives. Hope House not only put a roof over their heads, but has provided them with an education, several life skills, love, but most importantly, the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. Boys have come from all backgrounds and experiences, all looking for the same thing, love. We are blessed to have been part of their childhood and are proud to see each boy grow and learn as time passes. We desire the best for each one who passes through our doors and pray that God uses their experience with us to help them in all they do.

Thank you for your continued love and support for Hope House and all the boys. We are blessed by your faithfulness and prayers.

If you’d like to help make an impact in the life of one of these boys through our Sponsorship Program, click here.

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