Transition Home

The progress of the construction of the "Transition Home" has been impressive.

When people visit Hope House one of their most common questions is, "What happens to the boys after they turn 18?" While the Mexican Government makes no provision for them, our love and care for these boys does not end with their 18th birthday. We understand that our boys continue to need a home and family after they are legally an adult. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who believe these boys' care should not end so abruptly.

A few years ago our friends at The Way Ministries Guadalajara, located in northern Kentucky, decided to partner with us to extend hope to our boys turning 18 years old. In January 2016 we broke ground on a home for boys 18-24. This Transition home will be a place where boys can continue to learn valuable life skills and continue higher education while becoming more independent. Eventually our home will be able to house as many as 24 young men.

Currently we have 3 boys who will turn 18 in 2019. It is our desire that 3 of the bedrooms and the kitchen will be ready for these boys after their birthdays. The home is conveniently located across the street from our main facility. If you would like to help extend Hope to our boys 18 and older please visit the Project page of our website.

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