Día de la Biblia, Part 2

Bible Day in Honduras

Local Christian Garifuna congregations in Honduras gather to celebrate the Word of God translated into their native language.

Día de la Biblia (or "Bible Day") is always observed on the first Saturday in March. Garifuna communities in Honduras take turns hosting an event to celebrate the day the entire Bible was translated into the their language. Although several scriptures were translated between 1847-1968, the New Testament was officially translated between 1983-2000, ending with the completion of the Old Testament in 2002. This year our friends in San Juan hosted the commemoration and have sent us photos of their preparations and of the celebration event.

We are so thankful for the many missionaries who have spent countless hours learning the Garifuna language and translating God's word so that all Garifuna people worldwide can hear the Gosple in their heart language. We are also thankful for our friends in Honduras who endeavor to share Jesus Christ with the 250,000 Garifuna speakers living throughout the world.

You can find more information about our ministry to the Garifuna people here and here.

Reference: https://www.wycliffe.net/world?continent=AME&country=US&code=cab

Bible Day in Honduras
Bible Day in Honduras

Bible Day in Honduras


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