The "Hats" We Wear

Kina and the boys from Hope House.

Kina sitting with most of the boys from Hope House.

As Christian Missionaries we must wear many hats. We are students of The Word, leaders, teachers, mentors, servants, and evangelist. We must learn foreign languages and cultures, be compassionate and innovative. One of my least favorite hats to wear is that of fundraiser. Yet fundraising is an ongoing necessity and reality for missionaries and ministries. Without sufficient financial support the Gospel can not be shared and lives can not be impacted for Christ.

I would not consider myself a good fundraiser, but I am committed to sharing our ministry needs with you. One such need exists at Hope House. Our boy’s home remains about 75% funded. As such the last week of each month Hope House struggles to pay staff and buy the basic necessities to care for the children. Four times each year the struggle becomes even more daunting, when a month has five weeks. March was a five week month!

Kina and the boys from Hope House.

We already know going into the month that it will take a miracle to be able to meet all of the needs. I pray that you will help be part of that miracle!

For more information on how to become a regular supporter of Hope House and to help provide hope to those who have none follow this link.

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