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Carlos Ulises - Then and Now

With so many boys at Hope House, it’s hard to get to know all of them. We’ve shared stories here and there about different brothers or new boys that have arrived, and today we’ll introduce one boy, well... a young man.

Carlos “Ulises” came to the Hope House in August 2009, just a few weeks after the home opened. He is the only boy who’s been here such an extended time, while the majority of the other boys have been in and out of different homes. His birthday is May 3, 2001, making him the oldest at Hope House.

Ulises struggled with most of his Jr. High school studies, but has improved greatly, as he used to act up and struggled to complete his assignments. Now that he is older, he understands the importance of an education and puts forth much more effort in school. He will enter high school in the fall and has been busy this year studying different subjects and prepping for the heavy work load to come.

Because he is the oldest, he takes on the role of “big brother” and protector. He loves to take care of the younger boys like Leo, the youngest at Hope House. He’s great with all of his Hope House “brothers”.

Over the years, he’s learned quite a bit of English, he understands a lot, but he is usually too shy to try to speak. He participates in the carpentry classes as well as helping in the laundry a few days a week. He enjoys listening to music and playing soccer. He is very competitive. He’s learning to be a team player and that it’s ok to lose. Ulises actually has earned the opportunity to play in a local semi-pro soccer league along with another boy from Hope House. Through this they’re learning many new things!

Ulises loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when he is older. He “rescues” animals from the street and tries to convince Hope House staff to allow them to become the latest addition to the Hope House family.

Growing up in the children’s home hasn’t been easy for him, but we’re so impressed to see him growing and learning. He’s not the same little boy anymore, but to some of us, that’s who we remember.

Carlos and all the boys at Hope House are grateful for all your prayers and support. You’re part of making these dreams become realities for these kids.

If you’d like to sponsor Carlos Ulises or any boy at Hope House, please click here.

Editor's Note: Hope House is currently building a home on its campus for young men who age out of Hope House. You can find out more information about that project here.

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