Mother's Day

Annel with the youngest boys from Hope House

The director of Hope House, Annel, with the youngest boys at Hope House.

In Mexico Mother’s Day is always May 10; the date never changes. It’s also a very big deal. Teachers spend weeks preparing a special school program for all the kids in elementary and middle school. Poems are written and dances are choreographed while cards and posters are colored.

Because Mother’s Day in Mexico is such a big deal, it used to be one of the hardest days of the year for the boys at Hope House. Missing moms and all their family, the boys often stayed home from school, not participating in these school functions.

But over the last few years, Hope House boys have a lot of moms to celebrate. All of the boys and men at Hope House plan a special day for all of the “moms". Sometimes flowers are bought or cards are made, but there are always hugs and lots of thank yous. The boys no longer dread this day, but look forward to celebrating all the special ladies in their life.

The boys woke up early to clean house and make cards this past Thursday to celebrate one of their favorite mothers, Hope House Director, Annel. Annel spends countless hours in meetings, on the phone and on the run to make sure all the boys have all they need for their well-being. Each boy at Hope House has experienced a “mom-moment” with Annel. From an ice cream cone on the way home from school to a hug after a rough day.

We are grateful for Annel and all the other “moms” at Hope House, who dedicate their lives to the boys. From cooking for them to washing their clothes, from styling their hair or buying new socks — these boys are loved.

Thank you for your dedication to Hope House and your faithfulness in praying for the boys and all the staff at Hope House. Your support is greatly appreciated. You play an important role in bringing hope to those who have none.

Follow this link to learn how you can help the boys at Hope House too.

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