Making a Transition

Transition House under construction

The Transition House is under construction.

We have been told by Mexican government officials that Hope House boys are legally not allowed to stay at Hope House once they turn 18 years of age. This is a sad reality that several of our boys have confronted as they "aged out" of the children's home. It is our desire that next year when Ricardo and Ulises (the two oldest boys currently at Hope House) turn 18 that they will have a better experience than boys that have gone before them.

Kina, Ulises and Ricardo

L to R: Ulises, Kina and Ricardo

Time is short but we have been diligently working toward a solution. For the past several years we have been building a home for our older boys. Our transition home is located diagonally across the street from the main campus of Hope House and will provide housing for boys ages 18-24 who desire to stay with their Hope House family while continuing their education or mastering a trade through a local apprenticeship. Thanks to the committed efforts of The Way Ministry, located in Kentucky, and a group of Mexican business owners, the transition house is taking shape.

Currently we are doing the finishing work on three rooms and installing the septic tank. Our next project is to install and equip the kitchen where they boys will learn the necessary life skills of meal planning and preparation.

Please keep our boys and staff, as well as this project in your prayers as we work toward giving the young men at Hope House the best opportunity for a successful future. If you would like to partner with us and help finish Phase One of the Transition House please check out the project section of our website where you can make an online donation.

Thanks for your help!

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