The Joys of Parenthood; Pt. 1


Josué clowning around at Hope House.

In all families there are milestone moments, challenging lessons and joyful memories. For parents, I believe, its not just the big things, but the little things that their kids said or did that fill their minds with joy. Whether it be the first bike ride without pedals or the first day of kindergarten, the last day of high school or the crazy driving lessons around the neighborhood; parents hold all their kids achievements close to heart.

At Hope House, the boys are making these memories everyday for the “parents” at Hope House to remember forever. With 22 boys, one can imagine these things happening every day, and boy do they! Right now, there are so many exciting things going on at Hope House it’s hard to keep up. We have three boys preparing to graduate from elementary school, three boys taking exciting career preparation classes, one little one potty training, three taking music lessons and much more!

When Hope House “parents” are faced with challenges such as potty training a two year old while keeping tabs on the other 21 boys, it can be overwhelming. But Leo, 2, loves the reward of potty training (a cookie every time he uses the toilet), that he spends most of the day sitting on his new kiddie toilet. His excitement and commitment help the staff celebrate with him when he succeeds.


Pepe waiting for a ride to school.

Gerardo, 16, Carlos, 17 and Jorge 16 all board a bus every day to the local career school to continue their education even before they've entered high school. They're learning responsibility as they walk to the bus station, manage their time, and take care of their school equipment. Staff have encouraged these boys to mature and learn for life after Hope House, a life with commitments and obligation.

Luis Fransisco, Jose Fernando and Antonio are all preparing for their graduation ceremony; a send-off to middle school. Luis and Antonio, brothers who arrived at Hope House at ages eight and five with fear of the unknown and longing for normalcy have been part of this family for six years now.

Ukulele at Hope House

Boys, Chuy, Noe and José are part of a local music program, learning the ukulele. After months of practice, they had their first concert together with their teacher. Chuy, whose always had a knack for music has practically taught himself to play guitar, spends time playing and singing in his free time. He recently composed, yes wrote, a little piece and was so proud to show it off to Annel (the director of Hope House).

As everyone can see, Hope House is full of these “joyful” parenting moments. We get to see the boys who arrived here so small and shy grow into confident and handsome young men. We are the witnesses to their firsts and their lasts; the exciting and the new and the many many accomplishments in the middle. What a joy it is to have the opportunity to “parent” each of these boys.

We are grateful for everyones continued faithful support in the success and well-being of each boy at Hope House. If you'd like to sponsor one of the boys mentioned or any other boy at Hope House, please click here.

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