Mission to Honduras

Kina in Honduras in 2012

Kina in Honduras in 2012 with some of the children from the local church and feeding program.

In 2012 Shepherd's Heart began working with the Garifuna people of San Juan Honduras. Through the local church, feeding programs and a Christian radio station many have heard the Good News about Jesus Christ. Next summer Shepherd's Heart will be leading a missions trip to Honduras. While there, we will be serving in the local church and feeding program to help encourage and strengthen the body of Christ while also completing much needed repairs and updates to the facilities. If you believe God is calling you to participate in this mission trip, please contact us for details. We would love to have you join us. The trip dates are June 1-8, 2019.

Honduras Christian Church

The church in San Juan, Honduras we will be serving in 2019.

Pastor Cruz and Cherry

Pastor Cruz (on the far left) keeps rhythm and sings praises with a turtle shell while his father (middle) and Pastor Cherry (right) create complex cadences on drums Cruz's father has made by hand.

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