Just not enough space

All boys are crammed into Hope House's 15 passenger van.

Summer seems to get shorter and shorter! In Mexico, the school year consists of 200 school days, sprinkled with a number of long weekends, one day holidays and 2 week vacations. Officially school does not end until July 15th and students return to school August 20th, just four short weeks of summer vacation. With an average of 23 boys spread out among 5 schools at any given time the Hope House 15-passenger van runs non-stop Monday through Friday the majority of the year. And don’t forget church Sunday morning. Since it is the only vehicle Hope House has, it gets a lot of wear and tear. The cobblestone roads are torture on shocks and tires and being loaded down with boys 6 to 7 days a week takes its toll. Not to mention that it is super cramped!

Earlier this year we received a few donations to help repair the existing van and to help purchase a new one. Having received around $5K for this project, we have just begun our campaign to purchase an additional van for Hope House. If you would like to help purchase Hope House a new van and/or help with on going maintenance for the existing van, please visit our website to donate electronically or mail your check to:

Shepherd's Heart 135 Bill Cox Road Jonesborough, TN 37659 And as always, thank you for your prayerful support.

A few boys ready for school.

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