Summer is here

It’s the end of the school year for the boys at Hope House, summer vacation is scarce, but they have finished the year off on a high note.

Julie, from The Way Ministries does a devotional with the boys.

We had three boys graduate from elementary school who are anxious for the routine of middle school. Chuy celebrated his 15th birthday while, Gerardo celebrated his sweet 16th. We had four boys take their placement tests for high school, praying all their extra tutoring has paid off. We’ve also had several boys participate in a professional barber class that travels to Hope House to teach! We’ve had two teams from two different states visit to work and serve, with a third team arriving tomorrow.

Chuy celebrates his 15th birthday, which in Mexico is like our "Sweet 16"

It’s been an exciting kick off so far and we are so anxious for summer to be in full swing. Activities such as pool outings, field days, and zoo visits are waiting to be scheduled.

Jorge practices his hair cutting abilities on Ricardo during their professional barber class

We are grateful for the teams and groups who come to host events and the people who help make all these special trips and classes possible. Like all seasons, summer will end and the boys will be back in school soon enough, but right now we take time to enjoy the longer days and the fun times of summer.

Antonio and Fernando with their diplomas from their sixth

grade graduation! Felicidades!

Thank you to all who continue to support Hope House and all we do. If you’re interested in sponsoring a boy at Hope House please click here. Your partnership is a vital part of bringing hope to those who have none.

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