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Eyes darting back and forth, suspicious and scared. This is how the majority of boys arrive at Hope House. Hope House is so much more than a simple building - it's a refuge - a place of restoration. Arriving wounded and hurting, it's a safe place where boys can learn to trust again. Simply put, Hope House is about providing the boys it serves with opportunities to learn, grow and become independent young men. (You can read more about what motivates Hope House here.)

I use the word "opportunity" a lot when I talk about Hope House. I've often said that Hope House is about presenting opportunities. What I mean is that we are a giant pair of shoulders for our boys to stand on to reach for things they never thought possible. Like the dad that holds his breath and waits patiently underwater while his child scrambles on his shoulders, jumps off and begs to do it again. The opportunity could be as simple as learning to laugh again. Or the decision to stop hoarding food because they trust that another meal is coming. Or not flinching when someone puts an arm around you. Not only learning to love and trust those around them but beginning to understand that God our Father never stopped loving them either. Not every boy who walks into Hope House is so dramatically transformed, but every boy is presented the opportunity to have his life spectacularly changed. Hope House isn't about what we do TO these boys. It's not even what we do FOR them. It's about what we do WITH them. Opportunities are a group effort. We have to walk with them - shoulder to shoulder - through the opportunities Hope House creates for our boys. The work isn't easy. And so we cry and celebrate with them. Our transition house is another opportunity for our boys. We want to work WITH our older boys as they leave us and transition into productive young men. We are driven by the desire to see men who love their wives and children and men who work to provide opportunities for them. The cycle of abuse and neglect in their communities must end with their generation. This vision has been caught by many local Mexicans as well. Jaime, for example, owns a local hardware and construction supply store. He also runs a successful construction and home repair business. In addition, his family owns and operates a chain of local grocery stores. But this successful and hard-working businessman wants more out of his life. He wants to give back. He wants to provide opportunities for those less fortunate than him. Jaime and his crew of trained professionals have been working diligently on the transition house. Donating time and supplies, they have finished several rooms and show no signs of slowing down. It's satisfying to see local Mexicans reaching out to help our boys. It's not just money and resources from the U.S. and Canada providing opportunities anymore. Don't misunderstand, I'm forever grateful for all the prayerful support and resources we've received from these countries. But there is something special happening at Hope House because of Jaime and his work crews and I'm grateful to have this opportunity. (You can also be a part of providing opportunities at Hope House. Click here to learn how.

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