Hail storm update

What began as a couple of heavy thuds quickly mounted to the sound of a hundred horses galloping overhead, as ice paraded down on the town of Ixtlahuacán late last Friday night. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my thirty years here,” one resident said. It was as if golf balls were raining down from heaven as car windows splintered open and fans at a local festival, dancing to the final band of the night, ran for cover.

Some say it was St. James, the patron saint of the town, upset that more people didn’t attend his Holy festival. Others say it was the lunar eclipse. Still others took a more scientific approach. Regardless of why it happened, it did.

Up on the hill, Hope House too was touched by the cold fury. Two sleeping mission teams and all the boys were awaken in a panic by the deafening sound of the hail. Balls of ice intruded upon the boy’s quarters of the mission team when the plastic skylight had taken such a beating that it just gave in. Back in the main house, there was no way to quiet the frightened cries of the little ones.

The morning alone would show the full devastation the hail caused. No one, it seems, was ready for this. It is the second time in three months that disaster visited Hope House. The last was a close call with a raging fire that threatened the property on two sides. “Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice,” wrote Robert Frost. Of the two, ice seemed the more likely.

All of our boys are perfectly fine and in good health.

Hope House is engaging in repairs and trying to recoup its losses after all the damage done. Below is a list of repairs and their estimated costs, plus information on how you can donate resources to help us. Thank you for your money and your prayers.

Estimates for repairs needed post hail storm damage:

**Urgent** Trim trees and remove dangerous broken branches: $450 USD

**Urgent** Replace several broken windows throughout the house: $450 USD

**Urgent** Cover the area of the two broken skylights with cement: $200 USD

Solar panel tubing (65 pieces): $1,200 USD

Metal screen protectors for solar panel tubing: $350 USD

Replace all outdoor lighting fixtures and emergency lights: $550 USD

Replace support posts of the Aquaponics system and the mesh covering: $600 USD

Replace tiled roof: $160 USD

Repair doors: $100 USD

Repair screens (on windows and doors): $80 USD

Remove dents and damage to the Toyota van: $400 USD

Replace and repair the outdoor camera system, purchase warranty for cameras: $2000 USD

Other items that may be more easily donated:

6 large plastic outdoor trash bins with lids

4 medium plastic outdoor trash bins with lids

8 indoor brooms

2 outdoor brooms

10 mops

2 rakes

How to Donate:

Financial donations may be made in MXN$, US$ or CAN$ from Mexico, the U.S., or Canada

1. If you require a U.S. tax deductible receipt, donations must go through our ministry partner in the United States, Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc. Here is a link for giving online: http://www.shepherds-heart-ministries.org/donate. Please make checks payable to:

Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc.

135 Bill Cox Road

Jonesborough, TN 37659


with Hope House General Fund/Hail storm Relief in the memo.

2. For donations made in Mexico with US$ or CAN$, a check can be made out to Casa Hogar Una Esperanza en el Corazón, A.C. and must be a minimum of $700 US dollars. Please note: the written amount in U.S. or Canadian dollars must include the word “dollars”. And the written amount in Mexican pesos MUST include the word “pesos”. Please contact us for the minimum amount required for a check in Canadian dollars. Contributions made this way are not tax-deductible in the U.S.

3. A direct deposit or transfer can be made in Mexico to our local Mexican banking institution in Mexican Pesos.


RFC: CHU091027QG1

Banco: CI Banco

CLABE: 143180000002527782

Please contact us if you wish to make a direct wire transfer to our banking institution in Mexico from the U.S. or Canada.

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