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Karlee and Ever being "festive" in the international food store in Cincinnati.

Growing up, Ever never thought he’d need a U.S. visa or even a reason to visit the United States. His dad has been a citizen for over 20 years, but Ever never saw a need to make the trip north of the boarder. When Ever and I began dating, and things got serious, he knew he had to try to make it here to meet my family and eventually ask for my hand in marriage. That was unsuccessful. Twice, he was denied a visa. Getting to know my family and even getting married seemed almost impossible at the time. But we made it work. My dad met Ever in person for the first time just 6 days before our wedding. From there, we begin the very stressful intense visa process.

Karlee and Ever's first photo in the Ajijic Plaza

After 16 long months, we finally made it stateside. And as of last week, Ever and I have been stateside for five months! What an adventure it has been! We remember the moment sitting in our hotel in Ciudad Juarez, waiting for the confirmation email that Ever’s visa was ready for pick up. That feeling of excitement and rush when we finally were on the flight to Ohio, and that long, oh so very long walk from our gate to where my family awaited and cheered for us.

It took weeks for us to finally acclimate to being here. Not only the time difference but the language and even the food. But its been an exciting exciting time. We have been enjoying all the pleasures of living close to family and friends, though we miss our simple life in Mexico very much. Life has been different as we adjust to our new ways of living, but overall it’s been a great experience.

Now that we have adjusted and are very much settled, we are happy to be serving in church and trying to build new friendships. It hasn’t been as easy as we’ve hoped, but are grateful for the new friends we have made. Serving in kids church reminds us of our boys in Mexico who we miss so much. We’ve decided it’ll be a great place for ever to practice English as kids are always the best teachers.

Ever and the fam wearing sombreros and posing for a photo

The Lord has been faithful to us and we are blessed by this experience to build relationships and even get a little rest. Ever and I are enjoying every moment being here stateside, but are looking forward to returning to Mexico sometime next spring. Please pray for us as we continue through this transition and as we seek God to direct us in when exactly to return and how the trip back will look like.

We are grateful to everyone for their prayers and financial support over the years, it has been a blessing to us and the ministry around us too.

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