Post-it-notes to myself

September 15, 2018

I've been reflecting on our family's sixteen years of service as missionaries in Mexico. The emotional rollercoasters, the physical strain and the stretched cultural barriers have been a little overwhelming to say the least. Overwhelming and at the same I wanted to write something about missions this month in an effort to begin digesting those sixteen life-changing years. Taken all at once, those years are difficult to articulate. In our social media driven world, refrigerator magnet platitudes and "Top 8" lists abound. I didn't want to add another "Ten Things You Didn't Know about Missionaries" or "Top 10 Ways to Serve Foreign Missions at Home". What I feel about our family's missionary service is still too personal to try to cram it into a quick, public blog post. So instead, I think I'll start with something less daunting - a personal letter to me. Not even a letter, per se, but a few post-it notes. I think post-it notes rank as one of mankind's greatest achievements. I use them all the time (ask my family!). My post-it notes are for the eager and enthusiastic young man who, sixteen years ago, felt prompted by God to move his family to Mexico to live and serve as a missionary. Here's what I would write to me:

- God will love you whether you go or not. (on the bathroom mirror)
- God is already in Mexico; you're not bringing Him with you. (in the console of my car)
- Forget everything you know about "return on investment"; God thinks differently about that than you. (on the computer keyboard)
- Wife and family first; ministry second. (beside my cell phone charger - yes, I had one back then! Granted, it was a little bigger than the one I use today.)
- You're strong but you can't do this alone. Read this! (on top of my Bible)

What about you? If you could send a post-it note back in time to yourself what would it say?

Kina, Rodney and Genesis about 17 years ago


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