Christmas time is here...

One of the youngest boys at Hope House, Leo, plays with his toy

horse while flashing a cheesy smile.

Christmas...this time of year is always bitter sweet for me. Starting in October we begin to receive calls of families and groups that want to visit Hope House during the month of December. All come bearing food, candy and gifts. There is never a shortage of people who want to give this time of year.

While I am always grateful for people's generosity, each year there is a stark contrast between the festive month of December and the lonely season that follows. January, February and March are typically lean months, in fact we rarely schedule visitors or receive special donations in the months following December. I say this time of year is bitter sweet, because while parties, candy and toys may be enjoyable for a season, they are hardly enough to provide a loving home year round for, not only the boys living at Hope House, but the millions of orphans who live world wide. Continuous donations year round is what keeps the children clothed, fed and properly cared for. No one gets as excited about paying staff salaries, the electric bill or insurance, as they do throwing a lavish Christmas party, but the fact remains, without year round support there is no need for parties. As I have said so many times Before, the BEST Christmas gift you can give our boys is another year of life! This Christmas season please consider becoming a Hope House sponsor. By making a commitment to give monthly, you can help provide all the necessities of life for boys like Leo. While suggested sponsorship is $50 per month, gifts of any amount are appreciated. Reoccurring donations, as well as special offerings can be made through the various contribution links on our website. 100% of donations designated for Hope House and the God Will Provide feeding program go directly to those ministries to support the children. Year round we are seeking faithful individuals who will financially partner with us to provide for the children's needs all 12 months of the year. Will you become part of our support team? If you already support our ministry, thank you for faithfully partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of children. We appreciate your help!

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