Jesus is Better

Something that is still easy for me to adjust to is Christmas-time at home. Decorating the tree, and setting out the stockings and making my list for Christmas backing are things that don’t require much mind power. But, squeezing in visits with friends and family, shopping in a real shopping mall with the thousands of other Christmas shoppers, now that has required a lot of brain power for me.

I’ve found that its true in many cultures, but here in the U.S., Christmas isn’t about Jesus anymore. It’s not about the gift of God’s only Son coming to earth, knowing his life would become the payment for the sins of all mankind. I’m not one who is offended when people say “Happy Holidays,” but yes, I’d rather them say “Merry Christmas!” I’ve even found myself saying “Feliz Navidad.”

I had the privilege to go to the church I attended when I was in middle school. I remembered much, yet there were many aspects that were unfamiliar. But the theme was so so familiar. Pastor Brad just preached on JESUS! He read only four verses and yet it was a perfect portrayal of the “Christmas message.”

”…having become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they.” That name, Jesus, is just better. He is just…better! We all know this in our heads, but I needed the reminder in my heart, that he is always better and he has always been better. He is the better reason for Christmas. I have a grateful heart for each of you who show your love for Jesus through your love for others. May we be encouraged to see the better reason for Christmas and rejoice that Jesus came into the world as a baby to die for us. That he was the best gift that we could ever receive.

Mary Christmas from us at Shepherd’s Heart to you. May this season be filled with Jesus.

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