Remarkable Story of Transformation

Jimmy’s story is a little different than the other boys living at Hope House. Discovered in Guadalajara when the government received a tip of an illegal shelter. He was found among men, women and other children who were living in filth and dire conditions. Trash and old food littered the floors. Jimmy was found alone lying on a mattress. He was almost 2 years old and could barely sit up by himself...he could not stand or walk. With no known relatives, Jimmy is the only true “orphan” at Hope House.

When I first met Jimmy his blank stare was unsettling. Not only had he suffered extreme physical deprivation but emotional and social deprivation as well. He lacked the normal facial responses of a child his age and he never smiled. Due to orthopedic issues doctors said he would never run and play like other kids. But after coming to Hope House, Jimmy’s life was transformed!

Surrounded by love, he has been adopted into the Hope House family. In three short years Jimmy is a new kid. He runs, jumps, plays, smiles and has a great sense of humor. In the mornings, Jimmy attends the local Kindergarten and is working on grade level. As you can see he just celebrated his 5th birthday and is thriving!

Because of your help, Jimmy now has a loving family and a hope for a future. Get more information on how to give hope to Jimmy and other boy’s like him here.

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