Jesus People

Waiting for our table outside under an umbrella in the rain - and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Leaning over with a smile he asked me, “Are you Jesus people?”

My wife and I were seated in a bustling, crowded restaurant enjoying a late breakfast. We had dutifully read the online reviews and decided that this would be a great place to celebrate our 23 years of marriage. In spite of the cold temperatures and rain we bundled up and headed out. The line was already out the door when we arrived. Never one to shy away from adventure, we parked and went to see if the food was really as good as the line of people waiting suggested. Standing outside under an umbrella, we added our names to the waiting list and prepared ourselves for a forty-five minute wait. We had already spotted the coffee pot outside under a large patio umbrella and sloshed over for a cup.

The older gentleman waiting in front of us reminded me of a member of a cool-cat jazz band. Armed with a mimosa, a goatee and a wool French beret he introduced himself. The conversation began as most do - weather observations, names, city of residence, line of work. We shared a little about our life in Mexico and the work we had done there. His group’s party was announced and I thought that would be the end of our meeting.

We received a text that our table was ready, shook off the umbrella and navigated our way through the crowded restaurant to our table. We found our new friend seated right beside us with a fresh mimosa in his hand. We ordered and settled in for more conversation. “I just can’t understand why anyone would go to Mexico to try to help kids...”, he keep repeating. And when my wife excused herself to find the restroom he leaned in close and asked, “Are you Jesus people?”

I sure try. I want to be a Jesus person. I want to know him and to be known by him. I want my wife and four daughters to know him. “Jesus, party of seven, your table is ready.” I want that more than anything. A new year is always a time of reflection and evaluating. Among all the deep theological questions I carry around in my head unanswered, I was stunned by this gentleman’s simple question, “Are you Jesus people?”

2018 was an extraordinary year for our ministry. Because of your faithful prayers and unwavering generosity, Hope House, the feeding program “God Will Provide” in Honduras and our mission outreach teams experienced a new level of increase and influence. It is amazing to be a part of what Jesus and His people can do and I’m looking forward to working with you in 2019.

Each area of our ministry is determined to reach new heights and minister to more people in 2019. Things our faith never considered before now seem to be on the cusp of tangibility. But I was reminded of the most important new year’s resolution of all by an agnostic waving a mimosa seated in a crowded restaurant, “Are you Jesus people?” I’m making that my prayer for 2019. My resolution for 2019? I want to be a Jesus person.

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