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I had been practicing English with a client at a job-site, telling stories of Mexico and different job techniques between the U.S. way and the Mexican way. As I worked on the kitchen, the man began to ask me questions about where I learned my carpentry skills and why I was going to return to Mexico. I shared about the Have Hammers program in Chapala where my love for wood-working began and how it helped me become the wood shop supervisor at Hope House. The man asked, “What is Hope House?”

When I began to explain about the Mexican children’s home and its purpose, I said, “It’s all in the name…Hope House…a place where boys can find hope and a real home.” The man seemed confused and asked another question, “Why does the home need a wood shop supervisor?” I could only smile, and respond with my rehearsed answer of teaching the boys a skill and a way to provide for themselves when they were to leave Hope House. As we talked, the man seemed more and more interested with Hope House and what it stood for and how it was effecting the lives of the boys there.

After listening attentively, the man put his hand on my back and said, “It’s a good work you’re doing…I was in an orphanage as a boy and they never taught us skills for lives beyond our childhood. This work you’re doing is very valuable and it isn’t an easy job.”

I felt privileged to be able to teach the boys in the wood shop. When I heard the story of this man, I began to realize the investment that the classes are for the boys as they prepare to leave Hope House. I know that God has given each of us different gifts, like to teach, preach, sing, to play an instrument; and the ability to teach is more than a gift for me, but for the boys. They can learn they are important and qualified to do great things in life, and that they too, have their own gifts. One day the boys will be able to apply all they've learned in these moments of teaching and pass on the blessing of their skill onto their families, friends or anyone who they encounter in life.

Gracias, for your help in supporting Hope House and the carpentry program, where it is not only wood-shop skills the boys are learning, but life experiences as well.

Blog written by missionary, Everardo Camacho, translated by Karlee Blanchard-Camacho

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