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I know many of you are following the transition home progress with anticipation. For those who are new to the ministry of Shepherd’s Heart, the transition home is our response to a regulation that mandates the boys leave our care at 18 years old. The transition home consists of six small apartments and a common kitchen / lounge area where young men ages 18-25 can learn life skills and independence before being thrust into the world. The home is located across from the Hope House on another terrain which includes our garden and woodshop.

In January we installed the septic tank. It’s not connected to the house yet, but that was an important step. Then last week we hosted a team from The Way Ministries, Guadalajara. Three guys laid tile in the remaining three bedrooms and the kitchen. It looks beautiful. Those bedrooms are now ready for doors which will be installed later this month.

These latest accomplishments feel good and are full of promise. However, there is a sense of urgency to finish because Ulises—the oldest boy at Hope House—will turn eighteen in May of this year. There remain many key projects to accomplish before the house is fully operational for him and the others following closely behind.

The following is a partial list of what remains:

  • Connect the drainage system to the septic tank

  • Install outlets and connect to the electric grid

  • Purchase a boiler for hot water

  • Repair large sections of the fence around the property

  • Buy a washing machine

  • Acquire kitchen appliances and supplies (literally everything and the kitchen sink)

  • Fire extinguishers and other safety equipment

  • Etc.

As you can see, there is huge need over the next few, short months. If you want to help us with this significant ministry, please visit

While the trio from The Way Ministries were working away on the construction project, a couple of others ran a daily devotional and activity time with the boys. Meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the boys are worthy ministries. You can consider how you and your community would engage if you came. Contact us about coming to Mexico on an outreach team.

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