A Life that Transcends

Luis on the left just a few days ago...on the right, Luis in July 2012

Luis is one of the several boys at Hope House who has been part of the Hope House family for quite a while. He is the oldest of three boys in his family, all of which are at Hope House.

When Luis came to Hope House, he was only eight years old and was the “guardian" for his brothers. All three boys had their own challenges to overcome while adjusting to life at Hope House, each struggling to adapt.

Luis had his own specific challenges to overcome, one being that his struggled with ADHD which is an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. He struggled to focus in school and was often getting in trouble with the teachers or other classmates. Luis was working alongside Hope House director, Annel and the psychologists to help him learn how to respond better to his symptoms. Since then, we’ve seen huge improvements in his behavior and in school. He was in the Honor Guard all during elementary schools, an impressive honor in Mexico.

This week Luis turned 15 years old! A big deal birthday in Mexico. He is doing the best he’s ever done in school and his behavior is night and day compared to when he arrived. We’re very proud of all the work and accomplishments we’ve celebrated with him over the years. It has been a great change for Luis, as he longs to continue to grow and learn, not only in school, but as an encouragement to his brothers and all the boys at Hope House. He knows that his life is an example of being able to succeed even under difficult circumstance.

Sometimes we find rocks or boulders on our path in life. Some choose to move them, others to go around them. Some even decide not to cross that path anymore, while others decide to use the rocks to create a sculpture as something that defines their life, to remember that there is always a solution. It doesn’t matter the distance, just the faith inside you.

This has been the case for Luis. He has used ADHD and his past experiences to go beyond them and use them to better his life and perspective.

Thank you for all your support for Hope House, above all, for giving hope to the boys whose lives are in transition.

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