Cursed to Blessed

Three of us went to do ministry in a poor village on Lake Chapala yesterday. Working with a local pastor, we delivered food to three families in need and prayed with them in the name of Jesus. Some of the circumstances are heart-breaking. It was an eye-opening experience I wish more people could share.

Along our way, we met many, many kids. Life is hard for the kids in this town. Nearly 100 children come by the evangelical church every mor

ning for breakfast before school. Were it not for the church, they would study on an empty stomach. Many live in houses with dirt floors and nothing but a woodfire for cooking. They are dirty. Alcoholism is rampant among adults but it also affects children. Streets are clearly marked by gang symbols and the boys will have to navigate this chaotic world.

The boys at Hope House come out of similar situations: domestic abuse, poverty, hunger, violence, and homelessness. At Hope House they find security in adults who love them. They have access to medicine and doctors. They eat three meals a day. They shower daily and have fresh clothes and good shoes. The children at Hope House were in a cursed situation but now are blessed.

We can only offer children in Mexico this new chance at life with generous financial aid. We have the capacity to help seven more boys find shelter in the next year from the kind of circumstances just described. We won't be able to do this without more charitable hands. Would you invite a friend to get to know our ministry? It could make all the difference in the world.

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