Transition House 

Life Skills and Discipleship for young men 18 to 25

What is the transition house and why does Hope House need one?


The Transition House is a home that is currently being built for the older boys living at Hope House. According to Mexican law, the boys are no longer allowed to live in a children's home after they turn 18. This creates a very difficult situation for these young men, because the staff and other boys living at Hope House are the only family they know. In an effort to extent hope to these young men and help them transition into higher education, an apprenticeship and later a vocation or a career, we are building the transition house.

If you would like to come and work along side our work crew to help build the Transition Home please contact us about coming to Mexico on an outreach team.

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Children in Mexico do not leave home at 18 years old. Often they live with their family until they get married and some even continue to live at home after marriage. When the boys living at Hope House turn 18 they have no place to go. Instead of expecting them to leave their family on their 18th birthday we are making a place for them. Fortunately some friends in Kentucky share our concern and have started bringing work teams to Mexico to help build this home. We need your support to share hope to the older boys living at Hope House.

Transition Home at Hope House

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Transition Home

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