Hope House Van 

25 boys in a 15-passenger van???

A little over five years ago, Hope House was given a Toyota Hiace 15-passenger van as a result of a matching fund grant spearheaded by Rotary Clubs in Langley and Langley Central of Canada together with Rotary International. This van is a vital element of their daily operations and is currently the Hope House’s only vehicle.


The Hope House campus is located across the highway from all the schools in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos. While a few of their older boys can walk to school, the majority of them must be taken to school every morning and picked up every afternoon.


Due to the wide range of ages of the boys they care for, they must coordinate this one van between 5 different schools throughout the morning and afternoon as their boys attend kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school - and a special needs school!

With over 20 boys living at Hope House, there's no doubt they need another van!

While the boys are in school, this van is utilized to run errands for the home as well. This can include everything from picking up groceries to taking boys to see the doctor. And this single van is used during the weekends to take the boys to many activities, such as a local park and attending a local Mexican Christian church.

Hope House Van


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Hope House Van

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